Nightstop prevents homelessness through community hosting


Guest Stories

Below are stories from some of the young people who have been faced with homelessness in the New Forest. Most young people are nervous, going to a strangers home but each one of them realised it was better than they thought it would be and they had a great time! Have a read and find out about their experience with Nightstop.


When I found myself homeless I was very scared about where I was going to go and how my family would react and if they would find me but when I was told about Nightstop I felt relieved. I knew there was somewhere I could go that would be safe away from my family.

I found Nightstop extremely helpful. I felt safe and relaxed all the time while I was with my host. When I got to my host, they were very welcoming. They showed me around the house and made me feel very comfortable, I will miss being here. My host has made me feel relaxed and supported me emotionally. Staying in a host’s home was very good. I could do my own thing when I wanted to or be part of the family whenever I wanted. The only drawback was when my host wasn’t at home; I couldn’t go in the house. But my host has been very supportive both emotionally and having me to stay.

I would say to another homeless young person if you are homeless, Nightstop can help. You will be scared at first; you will probably feel like you are on your own but YOU ARE NOT ON YOUR OWN.

Looking back at my time in Nightstop I felt many emotions from joy and happiness to sadness and depression. At times I just wanted to cry but my host always made me feel happy, safe and secure. My host was amazing and I felt like I could talk with her.

Aaron was cared for and supported by Nightstop helping him to continue his full time college course whilst being homeless. Aaron chose the offer of foster care as the best support for him and moved in with a foster family within 6 days of fleeing home and becoming homeless.


When I found myself homeless I felt worried about what was next and lonely because I didn’t feel there was any help for me. I felt relieved when I found out about Nightstop as there is help out there for young homeless people.

When I first arrived at my host’s they made me feel welcome, they helped me with what I needed if it was possible and just reassured me really.

My experience with Nightstop was very helpful and reassuring as they made me believe everything would be ok and everything turned out to be great.

Cassie was moved into a one bedroom flat by In Touch housing. We were able to cover minimal costs for a furniture pack from Dorset Reclaim in Bournemouth and food parcels from Basics Bank in Lymington.


When I first found myself homeless I was scared about what was going to happen to me and how I was going to survive.

When I first heard about Nightstop I was nervous about the service but also I was relieved as there was help and support out there for me. I was mainly worried about who I was going to be staying with and nervous about staying in someone else’s home but when I arrived, I was relieved as all the hosts I met were lovely. They make you feel comfortable and welcome.

My time and experience with Nightstop was brilliant and the support I received was excellent. I have to say thank you for making me feel safe, comfortable and for all the support I have been given. It has helped me out a lot and I am really grateful.

James received a room in a shared house with Stonham Housing. We helped with food and furniture referrals. Because of Nightstop he was able to continue attending his blacksmith course at Kingston Maurward College.


I felt like I couldn’t do anything when I became homeless. When I heard of Nightstop I felt happier knowing I could start everything from scratch.

I was worried staying my first night, it was weird for me at first because of new surroundings and new people but I felt like I was treated with care and it made me feel at home.

I look back now and I’ve achieved so much didn’t think I could do it until I put myself to it via Nightstop.

Kieron was eventually housed by Stonham Housing in a shared house in Dibden. He found a job as a Commis Chef at a hotel and hopes to train to be a chef.


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