Nightstop is a charity based in the New Forest who offer a service that is suitable for some young people who are homeless or likely to be made homeless and are aged between 16 and 24.

How does Nightstop work?
Nightstop provides a safe bed on a short term basis in the homes of trained and approved volunteers who are called 'hosts'. Nightstop will need to know some information about you to make sure that it is the best option for you. The information you give will be treated in confidence.

How safe is it?
To ensure young people are kept safe, all volunteers involved with Nightstop are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau to make sure they are suitable to take young people into their own homes. If you do stay with a host you will have a bed in a room of your own, you will also be offered an evening meal, a chance to have a bath or shower and breakfast the next morning.

How do I get to stay in Nightstop?
You can ring the Nightstop service direct and they will give put you in touch an organisation in your area e.g. Youth Support Service, NFDC Housing Needs, Citizens Advice Bureau or any other organisation like youth clubs or churches etc or you could ask them to contact Nightstop on your behalf. It may be possible for you to stay at Nightstop for a number of nights until a longer term solution can be found.

What do people who have used the service think?

"If it wasn't for Nightstop, I would have had to live on the streets for two weeks. They found me a home and I stayed with the same person for two weeks and it was the best two weeks of my life."

"Nightstop helps you look for a place, which helps you through. Nightstop provides you with a meal and a supper, and you could have a bath or a shower there. They also provide you with underwear and soap and things. When I have got up after a night's sleep, I have had fried breakfast, some toast and a cup of tea."

"I'm so lucky I had Nightstop, to sleep in a proper bed. I would be in hospital with hypothermia and that's bad, because streets are not the best thing to live on."