The idea of staying with a complete stranger can be quite difficult, most young people feel quite nervous about walking up to a strangers front door to stay for the night but everyone enjoys it once they have a go.

Nightstop has a team of very friendly households all around the New Forest who want to offer their spare bed to help a young person in need. You will be safe at a Nightstop house because you will be staying with people who are security checked and approved to be Nightstop hosts.

They might be families, couples or single people who are part of the Nightstop team in the New Forest and understand about young people and homelessness. They are all friendly and helpful but will give you space too and you will have your own room to relax in own your own if you want.

Click on the images below to learn a bit about a few of our volunteers and to help you feel a bit more relaxed about meeting them...

Support Volunteers