Our host households are approved and security-checked people from the local community. All our volunteers are equipped with training and information regarding the challenges young people can face. We have a range of households on the team including young families, single and retired people.

Hosts are not called to be counsellors but the focus is on hospitality and offering safe, friendly overnight accommodation.

Hosts provide a young person with a room of their own. A host will offer accommodation as often or as little as their circumstances permit. In addition to providing a safe environment, hosts will offer an evening meal, washing facilities, breakfast, and a chance to talk, or a space in which to reflect.

Nightstop services actively recruit hosts who reflect the cultural and faith diversity of their local community. This enables them to better meet the needs of the young people they offer accommodation to. All out of pocket expenses will be paid by Nightstop.

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Nightstop house rules:
  • Nightstop can only take one young person at a time. Couples or friends cannot stay in the same house
  • The young person can choose how to spend the evening. If they would like to watch TV with their hosts, that is fine, or they may prefer to spend the evening alone in their room.
  • Young people can go out during the evening but should ask their host what time to come back in
  • Young people cannot stay in the house alone if the host is out. Keys are never given out
  • The young person should stay in touch with their personal advisor (It's Your Choice/Youth Support Services/CAB/Job Centre etc) and their case should be put forward to the Supported Housing Panel which meets monthly. Nightstop attends these meetings
  • Young people are not allowed access to the host phone except in case of an emergency
  • Young people may not have friends to the host home to visit

"The young people are always grateful to have people who are interested in them and who actually want to listen to what they have to say. I really love being a host and wouldn't trade it for anything. I have learnt so much and look forward to people coming to stay with me" (a host)