New Forest Nightstop has created a short film about homelessness in the New Forest and the threats that young people face if they become homeless. People think of the New Forest as affluent, beautiful, peaceful National Park but the film shows that amongst this homelessness does exist and is set to rise even more as financial pressures increase in family homes.

These young people are just like any other and their homelessness is mainly forced on them through family breakdowns, fleeing violence and abuse. This can happen in any family home. They are not street hardened rough sleepers; Nightstop aims to catch them before they get that far. The film is to help put across, they are simply young people, at a crisis point and without Nightstop, they are extremely vulnerable.

The film has been made possible by a fund from the Big Lottery and the film is to promote the work done by New Forest Nightstop and inform people of the dangers young people face on the streets.

All interviews are with young people who have suffered homelessness and received support from New Forest Nightstop.

Click here to read about how making the film had an impact on the young actors involved in the street scenes.

The Nightstop film was made by Pete Doherty of Doherty Associates. Working alongside Nightstop and our clients, Pete has made an exemplary film for the brief he was given by Nightstop, listening to our requirements and meeting them in a powerfully sensitive composition to promote the impact of our work.

Pete has worked in Broadcast Television for nearly twenty years. He directs and produces items for the regional news programmes in the South. Pete set up Doherty Associates in 2000 to meet a need for clients who want broadcast quality films for their communication and promotional initiatives.