A young person visits a local agency and if suitable, the agency will make a referral to Nightstop. Young people cannot self-refer to Nightstop. The young person must be able to show proof of identity or give the name of a referee.

The agency will go through a standard checklist with the young person to establish their suitability before contacting the staff at Nightstop. Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol or acting in a violent or anti-social manner will not be accepted for Nightstop nor can we accept a young person with a previous history of alcohol, drug or solvent abuse, violence or arson.

Many local agencies are participating in the scheme:
  • It's Your Choice - youth advice service
  • NFDC Housing Needs
  • Citizens' Advice Bureau
  • Colleges & Schools
  • Youth Support Services/Youth Clubs
  • Social Services
  • Job Centres
  • Police
  • Church organisations